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During this episode, Jay Blasi shares his experience designing Chamber's Bay Golf Course, the home of the 2015 U.S. Open.  One piece of advice Jay shares about golf course design is to break the rules if there is a compelling reason to do so.


Jay Blasi spent his initial years at RTJ II assisting the design team on dozens of projects around the world. His first opportunity to serve as one of the lead architects on a project team came at Chambers Bay, a true links layout on the shores of Puget Sound, in University Place, Washington. Blasi fell in love with the property on his first site visit, and spent the majority of his time on the project from 2004 to 2007.

Jay says he deals with others in a variety of different ways, he draws plans, communicates and works with others on developing a game plan to create a golf course.

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Chris Burns is a golfer, golf coach, the host of the Golf More Swing Less Podcast, owner of the Golf More Swing Less website, and author of King of the Mental Swing.  In Episode 109 Chris Burns will teach you how you can use the mental golf swing to help you become the king of your mental domain.


Golf is 90% mental and 10% physical.  When you're the king of your mental domain, you're the king of your mental domain.


An athletic position is really critical because your setup predetermines your golf swing.  The athletic position means Chin up, not chin down. Shoulders back, chest out. A little bit of bend in your waist.  A light knee bend.

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Vicki Fitch bought her first house at 19, started her first company at the age of 20, became a serial entrepreneur and was in the Top 10 of Sales and/or Recruiting for more than 10 years consecutively in her direct sales company all while raising a family.  In Episode 118 of the Defining Success Podcast, Vicki will be sharing her ten top tips for direct sales.

In Episode 118 of the Defining Success Podcast, Vicki Fitch shares her ten top tips for direct sales.

  1. Be Passionate
  2. Find a Leader You Respect
  3. Find a Coach
  4. Make Connections
  5. Use Social Media
  6. Create Original Content
  7. Dream Big
  8. Laser Focus
  9. Become the Expert
  10. Never Give Up
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Michael Kawula is going to teach you how to use Help a Reporter Out, also known as HARO.  We're going to walk you through how to set up an account, how to receive HARO emails, how to effectively respond to queries from reporters, and how to get your articles published on sites like Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Fox, the Huffington Post, and much, much more.

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) is a free tool.  To use HARO visit and sign up.  When you sign up you'll receive emails three times a day:  morning, afternoon and night.

Reporters can ask for sources on a particular topic through HARO and you can be used as a source for those articles.  They will include a headline for the article their looking for information on and you can respond to the topics that you feel you can add some value through.

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After my 100th interview on the Defining Success Podcast, I've decided to change the format of the show.  Instead of focusing on the individual and how they've managed to become successful, I'll be focusing on a particular skill, trait or ability that has helped that person to become successful.

I'm making the change to the podcast, because, to me, it feels like a logical next step to extend the podcast and make it more meaningful to our listeners.  It has been amazing getting to know so many amazing individuals and being able to talk with them about their success.

Now, I think it's a great time to shift from learning about an individuals rise to success to learning something you can use to help make you successful.  The NEW Defining Success Podcast will teach you a new skill, trait and/or ability to help you become more successful in the things that you do.

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Larry Welborn recently retired after a 43-year career as the legal affairs reporter for the Orange County Register, in which he covered many high-profile cases but showed a high level of enthusiasm and dedication in every story he covered.


Since 1981, Welborn has also been the chairman and president of CSPA, which is preparing for its 64th-annual high school journalism workshop on the campus of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.


In anticipation of this interview I was eager to see what my dad would when I asked him what piece of advice he would give to his children and here's what he said:

"Hit the ball as hard as you can."

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In Episode 114, our 99th interview on the Defining Success Podcast, Jaime De La Torre shares his thoughts on business, success and how important it is to follow through on your promises.  Jaime owns two successful nurseries in Southern California and knows what it takes to build a successful business.

Jaime De La Torre is the owner of DLT Growers founded in 1987 and Monte Vista Farms. After having worked 8 years for different groundcover nurseries, he decided to try his luck and start his own groundcover nursery. It soon became a family business, as many of Jimmy's family members joined the company. Even though they started off small, they slowly grew and became one of the largest groundcover businesses in southern California.

Jaime De La Torre grew up in Guadalajara at 9 years old.  He went to the local farmers market and help build his uncles business.  Before 9 years old he had an entrepreneurial spirit by selling gum on the street and by helping carry groceries from their local grocery store.

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In Episode 113 Nick Loper discusses the three ways to make money online by selling advertising, products or services.  Learn more from Nick Loper and how to make money online in this episode of the Defining Success Podcast.

Nick is an author, entrepreneur, and a lifelong student in the game of business.  His latest role is as Chief Side Hustler at, a growing community and resource for aspiring and part-time entrepreneurs.

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Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone according to Pamela Slim.  Entrepreneurs need to be competent in the entrepreneurial work mode.  In Episode 112, Pamela Slim and I will discuss the entrepreneurial work mode and how to become successful as an entrepreneur.

Pamela Slim is an award-winning author, speaker and leader in the new world of work. She spent the first 10 years of her solo practice as a consultant to large corporations such as Hewlett-Packard, Charles Schwab and Cisco Systems, where she worked with thousands of employees, managers and executives. In 2005, she started the Escape from Cubicle Nation blog, which is now one of the top career and business sites on the web. She has coached thousands of budding entrepreneurs, in businesses ranging from martial art studios to software start ups.

According to Pamela, not everyone can be an entrepreneur.  There are so many components that have to work together to create a great business.

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Tom Dowd is the author of Time Management Manifesto.  In Episode 111 of the Defining Success Podcast, Tom Dowd shares his time management tips and tactics with us.  Learn how to manage your time better in this episode of the Defining Success Podcast.

Time management is a disciplined mindset to be able to live in the moment while working toward the future. It is all mental—it’s an attitude.  Having control in your life is about commitment, routines, flexibility, adjustments, and planning.  We create our own self-limitations.  We say we’ll do tomorrow what we really want to do today.  Eliminate what’s holding you back.  “Time Management Manifesto” offers specific actions that will teach subscribers the following themes:

  • Manage your time, don’t let it manage you
  • Time management is required of all levels, in all positions
  •  The benefits of managing professional time effectively spill into your personal space
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Robert Coorey is the author of Feed a Starving Crowd, More than 200 Hot and Fresh Marketing Strategies to Help you Find Hungry Customers.  The book covers more than 200 ways businesses have become successful marketing their products or services in today's economy.  Learn how to feed a starving crowd in Episode 110 of the Defining Success Podcast.

Robert Coorey, MBA, is a #1 best-selling author and wildly successful marketer. Currently, he's Director of Global Business at E-Web Marketing, Australia's top online marketing agency.

He's obsessed with helping others achieve unheard of results through innovative strategies to feed starving crowds of buyers.

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Olga Mizrahi is the author of Sell Local, Think Global: 50 Innovative Ways to Make a Chunk of Change and Grow Your Business.  In Episode 109 of the Defining Success Podcast, Olga and I discuss the value of a social share and how impactful it can be to businesses everywhere.  On this Happy Thanksgiving week, let's be appreciative to all of those people who take the time, effort, and energy to share our stuff!

Olga Mizrahi is a mother.  She likes to bike, ski, and blown glass.  She operates firmly between the right and left brain.  She loves fantastic design, but she loves measurable results even more.

She’s been working with small and medium-sized businesses for more than 15 years, both online and off.  In her blog, she works to help move your business forward and allow you to cash in on your own chunk of change and not immobilize you because that change is so big.

She’s also the author of Sell Local, Think Global:  50 Innovative Ways to Make a Chunk of Change and Grow Your Business.


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In Episode 108 of the Defining Success Podcast, Ellory Wells shares how he lost his job and took up a career in online marketing.  Learn about his transition and how he's living in a world that's  transitioning from scarcity to abundance.

Ellory Wells was born and raised in north Texas. He loves technology, gadgets, cool toys, video games and movies. He often writes his blog posts while sitting on my back porch overlooking nature and the golf course.

In addition to writing and coaching, he enjoys reading, watching TV and movies, playing golf and spending time with his wife.

Ellory Wells has a blog, a podcast - The Empowered Podcast, he provides one-on-one coaching, he organizes a a mastermind group and wrote a best selling ebook titled, How to Start Your Professional Podcast for $200 or Less.

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Entrepreneurs often spread themselves too thin and Matt Wilson shares how that was one of his biggest mistakes.  At 28 years old, Matt's been able to do some pretty remarkable things including running a successful business, traveling the globe, and interviewing Donald Trump.

Matt Wilson is co-founder of Under30CEO.

After two years traveling and working from his laptop, Matt's official title became Adventurer in Residence, heading up Under30Media's travel company Under30Experiences.

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In Episode 106 of the Defining Success Podcast, David Frood discusses capitalizing on great ideas.  David is behind The Thinking Corporation which advocates creating a system whereby employees and others can bring ideas to corporations for the benefit of all involved.  Learn how you can start capitalizing on great ideas in your organization.

David Frood developed The Thinking Corporation corporate innovation program. He worked for sixteen years as a consultant to medium and large businesses, initially with an international sales consulting firm, then as a freelancer.

His clients include organizations like Hewlett Packard, Qantas, Diageo, Reckitt Benckiser, Cerebos Foods, CommSec and Daikin Air-conditioning. He became a specialist in implementing new sales and marketing processes, changing management, and worker development.


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Andy Hayes is the founder of Plum Deluxe.  Plum Deluxe is the website that helps you create moments that matter. We believe that the key to living a life you love is all about making time every day for great moments. From a mindful minute with yourself to special occasions shared with friends and family, Plum Deluxe has fresh ideas for living the good life.

Andy's mother passed away from cancer and once she was diagnosed she decided to "live the good life."  And his website, Plum Deluxe is devoted to helping people live the good life.  Learn how Andy is helping others to create moments that matter.

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Ladan Jiracek is the host of the Travel Wisdom Podcast where he interviews entrepreneurs and successful people about how travel has changed their outlook on life.  He's currently living in Dresden, Germany going to school for Nanobiophysics and has traveled to more than 80 countries.  Ladan is trying to teach people that traveling can be much more than just having fun. That people can learn valuable life lessons from traveling and he's working to show others how traveling can lead to a more fulfilling and successful life.

Learn how travelling can increase your wisdom in my discussion with the host of the Travel Wisdom Podcast in Episode 104 of the Defining Success Podcast.



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There are so many people who want to succeed but are often discouraged or are simply uninspired. As a university professor, Dr. Antipas Harris sees this problem, often, among his students. He wrote, Unstoppable Success, 7 Ways to Flourish in Your Boundless Potential to encourage young people to maximize their boundless potential to flourish and to achieve values-based success.


In this episode, Dr. Antipas and I talk about the seven traits successful people have and how important integrity is in everything you do.

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Passionate blogging can lead to success. Ricky Potts is an extremely busy guy who has a lot of passions.  He started his personal blog not too long ago and has been able to generate 40,000 - 60,000 unique views on his blog every month.  He's also leveraged his blog writing to create multiple opportunities for himself and his career including becoming the Digital Communications Manager for Troon Golf, a contributor to, and Relentless Beats.  He's passionate about craft beers, golf, electronic dance beats, and blogs about them all.  Learn how passionate blogging led to his success.

Ricky Potts is the Digital Communications Manager for Troon, passionate blogger, total beer snob, music fanatic, weekend golfer, runner and an all around opinionated realist.

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In Episode 101 of the Defining Success Podcast, Daryl Urbanski shares his entrepreneurial journey and discusses the importance of tribal marketing.  Tribal marketing is a marketing strategy that attempts to create social communities centered around a product or service.

Daryl Urbanski is a #1 Bestselling Business Author, Business Coach, Martial Artist, Tribal/Database Marketer, Entrepreneur, & Student Of Life.


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Frank Ortiz , a good friend of mine, we’re both involved at the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce so I see him regularly. One of the themes that came up several times in the interview today is that success is a lifestyle. It’s not something that you can turn on and off. In this episode, pay attention that theme, and listen to the advice that Frank gives about how success is something that you need to maintain throughout your life and not something that you can turn on and off as you choose. It’s a great episode and I hope you all enjoy!

Frank Ortiz from A Shot of Happiness Events has spoken to thousands of people over his career. He has been extremely successful at motivating and mentoring Sales Force Teams in the Automotive Industry as well as women in the Beauty Industry for the last thirty years.

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In the interview today Jake and I talk about going after your goals. Jake Bramante lives very close to Glacier National Park. Glacier National Park has 734 miles of hiking trails, and Jake traveled all of those in one year, 2011. He’s the only person to have done that. He shared the experience of going after his goals on his blog Hike734. What I’d like to elaborate on at the end of the interview is what it means when you cross the finish line; when you set out on a goal and you do something and what that means for you as an individual and a person and what happens when you don't.

Glacier National Park, located in northwestern Montana, has 734 miles of hiking trail in it. Jake Bramante lives in Kalispell, MT which is located a few miles from the Park’s west entrance. In 2011, he hiked every trail taking 3 pairs of shoes, 5 months and 1,200 miles to accomplish this goal. He is now busy blogging about Glacier National Park, helping others have amazing trips and heading out on speaking engagements.

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David Horne has his own marketing firm and he’s working on a new startup project called Fan Pack. They’re getting celebrities or people with a large internet following to join up with them and create packs of goods that are sent out to their fans. It sounds like a really cool product and service. He’s also going to talk about marketing in the interview. And the thing that we talk about that I want to focus on is don’t be afraid to try new things. Those who do experience success they try new things all the time they figure out what works and what doesn’t. Through that process they always learn things along the way.

David Horne is an entrepreneur, marketer and writer, living in NC. Most of his work over the last decade has been helping companies rethink and rework their marketing. I’ve been fortunate to learn from and work with a bunch of amazing and brilliant people. Currently, he’s running a modern marketing firm and recently launched a startup.

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David Long is the author of Built to Lead - 7 Management R.E.W.A.R.D.S. Principles for Becoming a Top 10% Manager. During this interview he talks about his R.E.W.A.R.D.S, an acronym, and how you can apply that to make your employees much more effective. The thing I want to point out in this interview is David’s idea about giving recognition to people you work with or who you work for and the advantages of doing so. David has a lot to say, he’s a really interesting guy and I think you’re going to enjoy the episode.

David Long is the author of Built to Lead - 7 Management R.E.W.A.R.D.S. Principles for Becoming a Top 10% Manager. In the book, he talks about what it takes to become a Top 10% manager in your company, and show YOU exactly what he did to accomplish that impressive feat in THREE DIFFERENT INDUSTRIES!

The "​​7 Management R.E.W.A.R.D.S. Principles" in Built to Lead are "get-in-the-trenches, no-holds-barred" ​lessons of how, ​specifically, to truly become an amazing manager. David tackles, head-on, the lies you've been told about how to reach the top in your career, and shows you what REALLY WORKS​!​ ​These are ​concrete​,​ ​foundational principles that will ​change your life, not only ​in your business career​...​ but ​in your ​personal life​ as well!

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Niveen Salem is in the MLM marketing business, so the multilevel marketing business. During the interview she talks about personal development and how important that is to success. You know improving yourself, making yourself better, and she’s going to talk about how she gets out of her comfort zone and more in the interview today.

Niveen Salem is a former Chevron Executive and a current business owner who is passionate about transforming people's lifestyles and helping them have control over their destiny. She is now working globally with entrepreneurial business minded people who are motivated to create financial independence and time freedom. She coaches and trains people to create passive income which allows them to build their dream lifestyle and not being traded as a commodity in the corporate world anymore.

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Corey has done so many cool things and he’s interviewed thousands of people. He used to be a professional comedian and now he’s a professional speaker giving speaking engagements to corporations and to people who are looking for a little bit of motivation and inspiration to go out and do cool amazing things. One of the things that Corey brought up in the interview, which I thought was super cool, was he called it ‘delivering the wow’. He made some comments about some organizations that delivered the wow and did some things that were super cool that got people talking about them. That’s what I want to focus on at the end of the episode today: working on delivering the wow. Enjoy!

A Canadian Professional Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur and Corporate Customer Service & Sales Training Specialist, Corey Poirier is publisher of Island Business News, author of four acclaimed books in the Conversations With series, creator of three audio programs and the host of a new radio show entitled “Conversations with Passions,” a variety show that features interviews with world-wide leaders such as David Suzuki and Jack Canfield.

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James Maioho is the author of Winners Give Up! which is a little play on words there. I think most people would stay that winners don’t give up, but in this case it’s giving up the baggage or things that you are holding on to that are holding you back from achieving the things you really want in life.

James Maioho is the author of Winners Give Up! Inspirational insights into the habits of accomplishing your personal goals. The book was a labor of hope and commitment to doing the things necessary to climb back from the abyss. It is the fulfillment of an inner need to inspire others who also want to be "the best possible version of themselves."

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Mark Sieverkropp is a good friend of mine. We’ve been interacting on Twitter and social media. We’ve had a blast getting to know each other. One of the things I really like about Mark is his ability for networking and follow up with people, and being proactive about his follow up strategies. I think a lot of people miss the mark in their networking or when they are meeting other people because they don’t do appropriate follow up. Mark is going to talk to us through some good ways that we can put networking and follow up into our procedures and make sure we are building on those connections we’ve made either through social media, the people we meet at networking events, or out and about. It’s a great interview, enjoy!

Mark Sieverkropp is a Podcaster, blogger, author, entrepreneur, connector, leader, consultant and speaker. He is the author of Project: Success, which climbed to #3 in the Self-Help category in the Amazon Kindle Store. He is also co-host of the Happen To Your Career Podcast, which was a New & Noteworthy Podcast in the Career section of iTunes. Mark is passionate about connecting with others, finding ways to add value to them and helping other people do the same.

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Wally Hauck is the author of two different books on leadership. One of the things Wally talks about extensively in this interview is trust. Trust between the manager and someone that person is managing. If you are interested in becoming a leader or you think you are in a leadership capacity in some different scenarios one of the things you really need to work on developing is trust. That is what I would like to highlight in this episode today.

Wally Hauck, PhD has a cure for the deadly disease known as the typical performance appraisal. He is also the author of two books, The Art of Leading: Principles for Predictable Performance Improvement and Stop the Leadership Malpractice: How to Replace the Typical Performance Appraisal.

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Travis Cody is the author of the book Cure Overwhelm Now where he talks about his experience of removing himself from all technological devices for 30 days. He talks about all the different ways that we are being overwhelmed. These technological devices are taking up and absorbing too much of our energy, time, and they are causing us a lot of stress.

Travis Cody’s greatest joy in life is showing stressed out, overwhelmed people how to find the time to actually live their lives and pursue their dreams. He is the creator of The Overwhelm Cure. After surviving his 30 Day experiment without modern technological devices, he now shows others how to live a life they love.

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Thank you for listening to the Defining Success Podcast. Today I want to interview you! That’s right you, the listener of the Defining Success Podcast.

This week on The Defining Success Podcast Facebook page I’m going to ask all of you, the listeners, questions that I often ask guests on the show. Take advantage of it this week! It would mean a lot to me. I think it would mean a lot to others, you’d be helping people and exposing them to your thoughts on success, passion, commitment and taking action.

Go to our Facebook page and join in!

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Bob Burg is my very first repeat guest on the Defining Success Podcast. The first time he was on we talked about his book, the Go Giver (Episode 22). That was over a year ago and he’s back today to talk to us about his new book, Adversaries into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion. Bob is an expert at influencing people so that it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Bob Burg is a sought after speaker at corporate conventions and for entrepreneurial events. He has addressed audiences ranging in size from 50 to 16,000 – sharing the platform with notables including today’s top thought leaders, broadcast personalities, Olympic athletes and political leaders including a former U.S. President.

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Farnoosh Brock is the author of several books. She has two put out by a traditional publisher. They are The Healthy Juicer’s Bible and The Healthy Smoothie Bible. Today she is going to talk to us about a variety of different topics, mostly about getting a book published, how that whole process works and her tips and ideas on how to market books including using a media kit.

Farnoosh spends her time writing and running the Prolific Living blog, as well as Prolific Juicing, Fast Track Promotion for career warriors and Smart Exit Blueprint for entrepreneur-wanna-be spirits. She writes books, talks about empowering your life with your own choices and re-inventing yourself with positivity, enthusiasm and the right guidance.

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Dr. Mollie Marti has been a lawyer, a psychologist, a university professor, an author, and is now the director of a nonprofit organization. One of her mentors growing up was a judge. Judge Max Rosenn, he’s since passed away, but she wrote a book about his experience. He was one of those extremely influential people who made a difference. One of the things that made him so influential was his ability to be present for other people. Everybody thought very highly of the man and he made a huge difference.

Dr. Mollie Marti is the author of Walking with Justice and co-author of The 12 Factors of Business Success. After years of active partnership with nonprofit organizations, she recently accepted a position as CEO of the nonprofit Community Resiliency Project, dedicated to empowering communities to grow resilient youth and create an environment in which no life is lost to suicide.

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In this interview I want to focus on how important body language is when you’re speaking, and not just in front of a lot of people, but just speaking in general. What your body language tells people. Dr. Nick Morgan is one of the top experts on body language and how to make sure it conveys the message you are trying to convey. Dr. Nick Morgan owns Public Words, a company that is helping to create strategies for people who want to become professional speakers.

Dr. Nick Morgan is one of America’s top communication theorists and coaches
A passionate teacher, Nick is committed to helping people find clarity in their thinking and ideas—and then delivering them with panache.

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In this interview I talk with David Ralph about how important it is to take action. David had me on his podcast not to long ago. I really liked what he was doing. I liked the message and the tone of his podcast. So I decided to have him on the Defining Success Podcast. It’s his first time being interviewed himself on a podcast. It’s a great interview.

David Ralph is the host of the Join Up Dots Podcast, The Daily Podcast Talking To The Motivational, Inspirational and Conversational Movers And Shakers Across The Globe Today.

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Michael Ghandour is the creator of MAKO Program, it’s kind of like an artificial intelligence for computers where you can talk to the computers, it’ll take your commands and respond to you in the appropriate way. I’m fascinated with Michael for a lot of reasons. One of them is that he did something for fun. He just got excited about it and then he took the initiative to take it to the next level, take it to the next step and really own what he was creating. Own it to make a difference.

Michael Ghandour is the creator of MAKO Program, an artificially intelligent assistant that can do anything you ask it to do! MAKO is the most advanced artificial intelligence software. Their revolutionary software is not only able to learn from you, but it can also do essentially anything you require it to do with the power of your voice.

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Thomas Dowd is the author of his own book, it’s about trying to recover from losing a job and going out job hunting. One of the things that I thought was very interesting was the way he would go about job seeking and how he recommends others do it as well. It’s the difference between networking and  job searching.


Thomas Dowd, or Transformation Tom, is the author of “Displacement Day: When My Job was Looking for a Job…A Reference Guide to Finding Work.” With over twenty-three years of experience in the financial industry in management and leadership roles at the same organization, Thomas Dowd received the call nobody wanted: “We’re downsizing.” What could have been a devastating day, immediately turned into a journey toward his next book “Displacement Day.”

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Peter Rogers is on the city council of Chino Hills in California, the town I grew up in. The way the city council works in Chino Hills is he gets elected to city council and then once every term he gets elected for a year as mayor of our town. He’s been mayor twice and was mayor last year. Today he’s going to talk with us about his career as a photographer and also about his experiences being the mayor of Chino Hills.

Peter Rogers was elected to the Chino Hills city council in November 2006 and has served as the mayor for two of those years.  He’s also a Southern California based commercial photographer specializing in partnerships with businesses and ad agencies to create innovative photographic solutions for advertising and marketing needs.

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Sushant Misra is the owner of Trep Talks, and he and I are in a mastermind together. He actually interviewed me on his show about six months ago. He’s a really bright guy, has a great advice. One thing that he brought up, which I have found to be true with the interviews I’ve done with people for The Defining Success Podcast, is that there is no big secret to success. It’s a great episode, I hope you all enjoy!

Sushant Misra is the host of Trep Talks, a web-based interview show where he interviews some of the most successful digital entrepreneurs on the internet. These entrepreneurs share their stories as well as a few “secrets” – i.e. mindsets, strategies and tactics that worked really well for them in starting and growing their own online businesses. He is also the owner of

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John Sparks owns his own social media company, an internet marketing business where he helps businesses expand their reach online. One of the things he prides himself on is his experience on Twitter and how he’s been able to use Twitter to build a massive following and build some word-of-mouth marketing. In this interview he has some great tips and advice on using Twitter.

John Sparks is the Owner and CEO of Online ImageWorks. He has a passion for helping others learn about social media and technology and has become known as a nationally recognized social media coach.

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This episode I interview the Mingling Maven, Susan RoAne. She is the author of How to Work a Room. In the interview she gives great ideas on having conversations with people, how to start those conversations, and how to feel comfortable in those scenarios. One of the things she highlighted was the difference between working a room and networking. The real key to networking is in the follow-up.


Susan RoAne, or the Mingling Maven, is the best selling author of How to Work a Room.  If you’ve ever walked into a roomful of strangers and felt uncomfortable, you’re not alone.  According to research, over 90% feel the same way.  Because it’s essential, to building our businesses as well as our personal life, we must be able to comfortably attend gatherings and meet, connect and converse with people we don’t know as well as the ones we do.

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Brian Basilico is the owner of his own social media company. One of the things we talked about was return on investment, and looking at ROI when you are using social media and actually many things you are probably doing.


Brian Basilico is the owner of B2B Interactive Marketing. B2b Interactive Marketing combines audio, video, interactive, web, communications, and advertising, with branding and marketing experience of almost 30 years in the communications industry.

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Ben Alexander is the owner of Balloon Distractions, who appeared on an episode of the Shark Tank. He didn’t get a deal with any of the Sharks, but he gained a lot of experience through the process. He talks with us about his experience on the Shark Tank as well as with his business. His advice to start with a small scale business is something that resonates with me.

Ben Alexander started Balloon Distractions in the Fall of 2003, starting an adventure that continues to this day. Balloon Distractions has been a blessing in his life, and the lives of all those who have learned a new skill, income, confidence and poise.

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Richard McKinnon is the owner and President of System 1 Incorporated. Because of Richard's business sense, he realizes the importance on people to people interactions. That and advice from his father have helped him and his business get through the recession and thrive.

System 1 Interiors specializes in interior home remodeling including acoustic ceiling removal, plaster ceiling resurfacing, recessed lighting and interior & exterior painting. System 1 has been the leader in Acoustic Ceiling removal in southern California for over 30 years.

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Nancy Dunn-Kato is a very well respected golf instructor, one ot the top junior golf instructors in the country. In our interview she talks about the gamification of teaching the golf swing; how she makes these simple little games to help kids learn the golf swing. There’s a movement in education about gamification, working to make the learning experience more fun and enjoyable.


Nancy Dunn-Kato has been a Certified Class A LPGA Teaching & Club Professional Member since 1989. She has played and taught golf for over 24 years.

Nancy’s company SWINGplay and its concepts are a direct result of her dedicated work with junior golfers and a real, practical, understanding of what works best. SWINGplay’s unique programs are specifically designed to focus the learning needs of young and adult golfers at all levels from beginner to advanced players. The SWINGplay systems and methods reinforce the play in golf – to keep the learning experience fun, positive, and filled with success that grows naturally out of children’s play. Skill and ability grow quickly through the game-play!

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Michael Peshkam is the founder and CEO of Xincus. Xincus gives businesses an opportunity to collaborate and communicate with each other on his platform and creates the opportunity to leverage social media. Michael talks about businesses and social media, noting that there is a difference between a business that uses social media and a business that is a social business.

Xincus is the first-of-its-kind online Social Marketplace for Business that makes the power of mass collaboration available to everyone by bringing together Experts, Businesses, and Enterprises to engage each other and create new business value and opportunities that they could not develop independently.

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Danielle Tucker’s Golf Club has been broadcasting from Hawaii since 1999.   Danielle interviews PGA, LPGA and International Golf Professionals, Young Rising Stars, Teaching Pros, Sports Shrinks, Authors, Mental Coaches, Golf Equipment Companies, Club Designers and Golf Broadcasters.

Danielle Tucker is the host of Radio Golf Club. It's a radio show that takes place in Hawaii. It's live. One of the things that came up in the interview that I thought was interesting, because it's a different point of view from other guests of our podcast. She's doing this as a side job. This radio show, she does it on a saturday. She has her normal work week and then she goes in and does this podcast on a Saturday because it's something she really loves and she has the opportunity to do it.

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John Corcoran knows how to connect with influential people.  He has worked in the White House, he has met presidents, he has his own law firm, there are so many different things this guy has done. He’s great at networking with very important people, he has lots of tips and information on how we can network better.


John Corcoran shows entrepreneurs and small business owners how to bring in more clients, customers and revenue by building relationships with VIPs and top performers.  He’s also the host of the Smart Business Revolution Podcast.

Learn how to connect with influential people in Episode 73 of the DSP.  

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In Episode 72 of the Defining Success Podcast we go through our book chapter by chapter and discuss the ideas presented in the book. At the end of each chapter we present a question in our book, which we encourage readers to engage with on our website,


In Episode 72 of the Defining Success Podcast, Zeb Welborn and John Hakim discuss the second half of their book, The Social Golf Course.  Learn valuable insights about how to turn golf courses into social golf courses, and how to use social media to get golfers to play golf, play more often and spend more money on the golf course.

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Melissa Krivachek has had lots of ups and downs in her professional career. At a young age she was promoted quickly at the retail store she worked for, but when the recession hit, she lost her job. During that time she became homeless and even spent some time in jail. She rebounded nicely by creating her own business, Briella Arion, which she is running today. Learn how Melissa worked toward overcoming career disaster in episode 71 of the Defining Success Podcast.

Melissa Krivachek is the President of Briella Arion. She has been captivating, inspiring and motivating entrepreneurs across the globe since her early twenties. Chosen as Evolution Magazines 2013 Top Power Player Under 40, and featured on CNN, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and receiving dozens of other accolades, Melissa’s passion for personal growth resonates with audiences looking for more fulfillment in all aspects of life and business. As the Author of Be Ballsy! How Not To Suck At Love, Success, & Happiness she loves teaching audiences how to break-thru limiting beliefs so they can have it all.

We've all experienced ups and downs in our professional careers.  In Episode 71 of the Defining Success Podcast, Melissa Krivachek shares how she's experienced some ups and downs of her own and how she re-invented her career.  

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Don't let your ego get in the way.  Virgil Herring is one of the top teaching professionals in golf and when one of his best players, Brandt Snedeker became the PGA Tour's Rookie of the Year, Virgil expected recognition.  Brandt recognized another golf coach for his success and Virgil's ego got in the way.  Learn from Virgil in Episode 70 of the Defining Success Podcast.

Best-selling author Virgil Herring is Director of Instruction at the acclaimed Westhaven Golf Club and is founder of Higher Performance Golf Academy. Virgil received the 2003 Tennessee Section PGA Teacher of the Year Award and was named 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006 Middle TN Chapter PGA Teacher of the Year. He was named a 2009 U.S. Kids Golf Top 50 Instructor (source) by U.S. Kids Golf. And he also worked with PGA Tour player Brandt Snedeker.

Virgil Herring discusses the time he let his ego get in the way and how he regrets it today.  Don't let your ego get in the way and listen to Episode 70 of the Defining Success Podcast.

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As a DUI offender, Griffen Halko made a mistake that changed his life forever.  In Episode 69 of the Defining Success Podcast, we discuss how important it is to evaluate every decision.  Griffen's decision resulted in the death of a good friend, sent him to jail and forever changed his future. 

Stay Designated, Inc. was conceptualized in March of 2008, in a hospital bed located in the Intensive Care Unit at UCI Medical Center. While recovering from critical, life threatening injuries, Griffen Halko came face to face with reality.

Successful people evaluate every decision and leave nothing to chance.  Learn to avoid making poor decisions that can affect the rest of your life in Episode 69 of the Defining Success Podcast with Griffen Halko from Stay Designated.

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In Episode 68 of the Defining Success Podcast we go through our book, The Social Golf Course chapter by chapter and discuss the ideas presented in the book.  At the end of each chapter we present a question in our book, which we encourage readers to engage with on our website, 

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In Episode 67 of the Defining Success Podcast, Fred discusses what he's learned teaching golf and how people tend to learn best and enjoy the experience when they are allowed to learn for themselves.  As a coach, Fred avoids passing judgement and simply guides his students to be more aware of their experience during the process.  Learn how Fred Shoemaker cultivates the best learning experience.


Fred Shoemaker is the founder of Extraordinary Golf which provides an environment where golfers could know their remarkable ability and learn to unfold it moment to moment.  The school has been named One of America’s Top 25 Golf Schools in America by Golf Magazine and has been a life-changing experience for many participants.

Fred has spent most of his career—over 42,000 lessons, and thousands of golf schools and workshops—helping people overcome the obstacles that prevent them from discovering and expressing their potential.


The learning experience is unique for each person and as an educator or coach, you should cater your strategy in an environment where no judgement is passed and students feel an eagerness and a willingness to learn for themselves. 

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The host of Mobile Mixed, Greg Hickman shares his insights into mobile marketing and how business owners must start to incorporate mobile strategies into their internet marketing campaign.  Incorporate mobile marketing into your business to market effectively in the 21st century.  Learn from the best when it comes to developing your mobile marketing strategy in Episode 66 of the Defining Success Podcast.

Greg Hickman is the Creator/Host of Mobile Mixed. He is a Mobile Marketing Consultant focused on retail.  He is the Co-Founder of Thumbfound, Entrepreneur & Mountain Biker.  He started off as an agency guy having the opportunity to work on brands like Pepsi, Lipton, and Walmart, creating and managing digital, in-store and grassroots initiatives.

Incorporate mobile marketing into your business.  Learn from Greg Hickman, the host of the mobile mixed podcast about the importance of mobile marketing and how you can apply it to your business in Episode 66 of the Defining Success Podcast. 

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Creating an online community is no easy task.  The key ingredient toward building an online community of people who take action is consistency, persistence and greatness.


Creating an online community is no easy task.  Many who set out to achieve that goal quickly realize the amount of work it takes to establish and develop an online presence and quit.  To develop a strong online community it takes consistency and persistence.  Develop a loyal customer base and have those loyal customers promote and build your brand online and you'll be well on your way to developing a strong social media presence.

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In this episode of the Defining Success Podcast, Cynthia Sanchez shares her thoughts on Pinterest and how to optimize your website to take advantage of Pinterest and SEO.  She also discusses the importance of including proper descriptions so you can be found in the Pinterest search engines and reach more people.

Cynthia Sanchez first started to use Pinterest in 2011, and launched Oh So Pinteresting in February 2012.   After a few months she was approached by a company to see if she could help them with Pinterest and manage their social media accounts. In September 2012, she left her job as a full-time radiation oncology nurse to focus on building Oh So Pinteresting and my business. . . . and the rest is history.

Learn about Pinterest and SEO and how you can apply SEO strategies to all of your social media platforms to help you rank higher in the search enginges when people are looking for pictures, videos, or posts about the things that interest them. Cynthia Sanchez from the Oh So Pinteresting Podcast shares her insights on Pinterest and SEO.

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To be a success you must be obsessed with being successful.  There are hundreds of people out there who do the same things you do and the only way to be better than them is to be obsessed with your business. 


The definition of obsession is the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc. When you think of Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Barrack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and others like them, you'll understand the sacrifices you must make to become successful.  These people are absolutely obsessed with what they do.  So, if you want to be successful, think of the career you’re in and think to yourself can you become obsessed with it?  Can you work in it day in and day out?  If you can answer yes than you’ve found yourself a new business or a new career.

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Dr. Maisel shares his thoughts on creativity and how developing a process and sticking to it regardless of outcomes can help you to become creative.  The struggle with many creative people is that they expect something to happen when they create something and when the outcome doesn't match their expectation they get discouraged.  Don't get attached to outcomes and learn why it's important not to in Episode 62 of the Defining Success Podcast.

Dr. Eric Maisel is the author of more than 40 books. His interests include creativity and the creative life, the field of creativity coaching which he founded, and natural psychology, the new psychology of meaning that he has recently been developing.

Don't get attached to outcomes.  Dr. Eric Maisel explains how creating and developing a process will help you achieve your ultimate goals.  Learn how process and not getting attached to outcomes can help you become successful. 

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Having a Business Mind:

In my discussion with Ashley Majeski from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, she explained how she first started writing about reality television and how much she enjoyed it.  She received encouragement from her family and friends, who loved her writing and suggested she do more of it.  She saw that as an opportunity to start her business.  She needed to have a business mind.

Sometimes, doing what you love is not enough . . . Sometimes, you have to apply business principles to the things you love in order to turn your passion into a career.  I love being an entrepreneur because figuring out ways to build a better business, ultimately gives me the opportunity to help more people.  If you find yourself doing something you love, but you haven’t made a career out of it, you might need help developing your business mind.

Example 1:  Cindy and Art,

Example 2:  Richie and Music

Example 2:  Lacey and Website Design

Example 3:  Larry Welborn

Example 4:  Welborn Media

Ashley figured out how to make money from something she loved.  She knew she couldn’t just keep writing for the fun of it, so she developed her business mind and created opportunities for herself to make a living from her writing.  The happiest and most successful entrepreneurs are those who have figured out how to make money from the things they love to do most.  Our economic system is geared to give us the opportunity to help people with our passions.  

Develop your business mind in order to make a difference.

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Golf is social. Kevin Flanagan is the President of the USGLL which is a golf league for juniors.  Kevin talks about the social aspects of golf and how golfing can help bring people together.  Learn how Kevin is helping to grow golf by listening to Episode 60 of the Defining Success Podcast.

USGLL, Inc, is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing national team competition for young golfers.  Since 2008, their Team Match Play format offers boys and girls, ages 6 to 18, the opportunity to compete at all levels. Players receive instruction in the etiquette and rules of golf, learn mutual respect and teamwork and develop important social skills. These relationships and sense of integrity are a solid platform that will last them the rest of their lives.

Kevin Flanagan is the President of the USGLL who is helping bring young golfers into the game.  In Episode 60 of the Defining Success Podcast, he discusses how golf is social and how you can apply being social to your business.  

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Listen and Become a Great Teacher

As you know, I was a teacher and early in my career, I was so concerned with presenting the material that while I tried to maintain my creativity I focused more on the way I presented the material than I actually listened to the students in my classroom.  It was not until I became a tutor did I really harness my listening skills to accommodate the needs of my students.  The best teachers are those who listen first and then educate their students at their level.  

The listening skills I learned as an educator and a tutor has helped me in uncountable ways throughout my life.  I’ve learned to become a better teacher and can sell my services much better once I truly listened to what my potential customers were saying rather than what I thought they wanted from me.  The best teachers are those that listen, truly understand and then offer their assistance as a peer.  The next time you find yourself wanting to educate someone on a topic of interest, ask them questions, listen to their responses and respond as if you were them.

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Cornell Thomas is a basketball coach, trainer, motivational speaker & author. He just came out with his brand new book "The Power of Positivity."  In Episode 58 of the Defining Success Podcast Cornell shares how he overcame adversity by looking at the brighter side of things.  He now motivates others to think, "What Now?" instead of "Why Me?"

His career has been a long and winding road that now has him coaching, training and motivating kids to be the best that they can be and motivating others with his message of power and positivity. The lessons he's learned through basketball have played a crucial role in helping him through the adversity he's faced in his life.

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I started my tutoring business back in 2009.  I was very fortunate because my sister was learning how to build websites at the time and she built a website for The Tutoring Solution.  6 months of blog writing opened up my world.  What many people don’t understand about social media is that it’s not just a sales and marketing tool, it’s also a learning tool and a communications tool which can make or break a business.

Erin Klein from Kleinspiration, myself and bloggers all over the country are understanding that blogging provides more value than just marketing your products and services.  It helps you understand how to learn.  Use blog writing to learn in Episode 57 of the Defining Success Podcast.

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Jeff Krantz is helping build better businesses and better sales processes for businesses across the country.  In this episode of the Defining Success Podcast, Jeff Krantz shares his expertise on developing a unique selling proposition and how you can use that to differentiate yourself in the marketplace and have your potential customers take notice.

Jeff Krantz lives each day with a deep sense of purpose. He integrates his contagious enthusiasm for sales performance with his experience of consulting Fortune 500 companies to deliver world-class training programs. His unique speaking and training style is not only fun and entertaining but is also saturated with proven strategies that send the participants of his seminars and keynotes away with far more than they expected.

Creating your unique selling proposition is essential for the growth of your business.  Many failing businesses don't know what it is that they can uniquely offer to their customers.  And the ones who are the most successful are the ones that understand their unique selling proposition and apply it to their business.

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In Episode 55 of the Defining Success Podcast we revisit the episode we did with Charlotte Clary of Ice Chips Candy and share what it means to have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Entrepreneurs continually take risks and fail but are able to sustain themselves while working to find businesses or products that help make them successful.  The best entrepreneurs fail and fail often, but they always learn from their mistakes and work hard to make better business decisions and implement systems that will help them become more successful.

We analyze the difference between being an entrepreneur and an employee in an article titled, Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset or an Employee Mindset on the Welborn Media website.

Listen to Episode 55 of the Defining Success Podcast to learn what it takes to have an entrepreneurial mindset.

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Shelly Ehler is the passionate and inspiring owner of the ShowNo Towel. In her interview Shelly shares the lessons she has learned through her journey as an entrepreneur and how these have impacted her and continue to foster success in other professional and personal aspects of her life. She often refers to this internal guiding compass as the ‘Little Voice Within’.

Shelly’s product the ShowNo Towel has been featured on the Today show and on the hit T.V. show Shark Tank. Shelly created the ShowNo Towel after experiencing a frustrating situation with her children at the community pool. The task of tending to a tantrum, while protecting both of her sons from the elements and maintaining their privacy culminated into a daunting task. It was also this moment that served as a catalyst for a brilliant concept. That night Shelley received an epiphany to create the ShowNo towel.

Learn how the little voice within can help drive you to make great business decisions.  Learn from Shelly and how she built her business, ShowNo Towels, and how she's grown that business since appearing on ABC's hit TV show, Shark Tank.

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Today, personal branding is extremely important for anyone looking to become successful.  Communicating your value and what you can bring to others through your online presence is critical toward building your online reputation and making a difference.

In Episode 53 of the Defining Success Podcast we discuss how you can build your personal brand and how you can use your personal brand to achieve your goals.  Our economy has changed and personal branding has become a huge component for people who are looking to make a name for themselves.

Episode 53 fo the Defining Success Podcast is about personal branding and how you can build a strong personal brand which will help you in your career, your relationships and your life.  Learn how important it is to build a strong personal brand and excel in today's economy.

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Jason Miles has written six books and has been very active using social media on sites like Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.  Jason shares some insights on those social media platforms and how to set up your website to build a following on Pinterest.

Jason Miles is a best selling author, VP of  advancement at Northwest University, & Co-founder of  Liberty Jane Clothing, in this podcast he will share his  story of how him and his wife found the little niche  everyone is looking for, and how they used social media to market their successful business.

Learn how to build a following on Pinterest with Jason Miles.  Jason gives great advice on how to build traction with Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and a variety of other platforms.  

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Explore your options! Business decisions can be the difference between failure and success.  It is critical to the success of any business to make informed decisions.  Taking action as an entrepreneur is great, but making informed decisions is even greater.

It is important to explore your options.  With major business decisions it is always important to give yourself an opportunity to analyze the effectiveness each option will bring you.  In the long run, making effective business decisions from the options available to you could save you thousands of dollars and even save your business.  Never overlook the importance of making informed business decisions.

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As a 4th Grade Teacher Karen Krupnick was an excellent teacher who always brought something of herself into the classroom.  Her passion for teaching transferred itself to her students and, as a former student myself, know she changed the lives of her students.  Learn how you can bring yourself into your career in Episode 50 of the Defining Success Podcast!

Karen Krupnick was my 4th grade elementary teacher.  Karen Krupnick has been a teacher for 40 years and has taught over 1,200 students, including myself.  She fostered the creativity of her students by teaching lessons that were outside of the box.

Learn how to bring yourself into your career in our interview with 4th Grade Teacher, Karen Krupnick on the Defining Success Podcast.  Karen was an amazing teacher who used her passions to educate her students.  As a result, her students became passionate and self-motivated.  

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Chris Carlson has done photography in more than 40 different countries covering some of the world's greatest sporting and political events.  He's been involved in the business a long time but attributes his consistency and reliability to be one of the keys to his success.  Learn how to just show up in Episode 49 of the Defining Success Podcast.

Chris Carlson has been a staff photographer at the AP in Southern California for the past 6 years, Prior to that, he has been on the staff of the Orange County Register where he shared a Pulitzer Prize for coverage. During his career, he has been on assignment in over 40 countries.

Chris Carlson is a world-class photographer for the Associated Press.  In Episode 49 of the Defining Success Podcast, Chris talks about luck, a strong work ethic and how his ability to just show up put him in the right places to be lucky.

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In Episode 48 of the Defining Success Podcast, TJ Hale, host of the Shark Tank Podcast shares how he got the idea for starting his podcast and why he decided to name his show the Shark Tank Podcast.  Learn how you can tap into an existing audience to build a larger audience faster in this episode.

TJ Hale is host of the Shark Tank Podcast.  The Shark Tank Podcast is a place where you can come and listen to entrepreneurs tell the whole scoop.  Details regarding their business, what really happened on the show, failures, setbacks, big wins, and in some cases what its like partnering with a multi-millionaire/billionaire investor.

TJ Hale is the host of the Shark Tank Podcast.  On his show, he interviews entrepreneurs who have appeared on the Shark Tank and other entrepreneurs who are succeeding in the Shark Tank of life.  In Episode 48 of the Defining Success Podcast, TJ Hale shares his experience podcasting, interviewing entrepreneurs and how he used his podcast to tap into an existing audience.

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Dr. Joseph Castleberry shares his experience networking and connecting with new people in a variety of locations over his career.  In his new book, The Kingdom Net: Learning to Network Like Jesus, he shares how Jesus was able to network and how you can network like Jesus for your business or career.  Learn to network like Jesus in Episode 47 of the Defining Success Podcast!

Joseph Castleberry is the president of Northwest University.  He enjoys writing, and his second popular book, The Kingdom Net:  Learning to Network Like Jesus, launches in August, 2013.  A native of Alabama, he came to the Pacific Northwest after a transcultural career that took him and his family to New Jersey, New York City, Texas, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador, and Missouri before his soft landing on the banks of Lake Washington.

Learn how to network like Jesus in Episode 47 of the Defining Success Podcast as Dr. Joseph Castleberry discusses his new book, The Kingdom Net: Learning to Network Like Jesus.  Learn how you can be of service to others and network better than your competition.

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David Meerman Scott is a marketing strategist, advisor to emerging companies, best-selling author of eight books including three national best-sellers, and a professional speaker on topics including marketing, leadership, and social media. In Episode 46 of the Defining Success Podcast, David shares his ideas on real-time marketing and how you can use real-time marketing to help your business grow.

David Meerman Scott wrote the New Rules of Marketing and PR and he's helping businesses understand how the marketing world has shifted to giving and receiving instant feedback so you can be found online.  In Episode 46 of the Defining Success Podcast, David Meerman Scott talks about Real-Time Marketing and its implication for the future.

David Meerman Scott shares how real-time marketing is changing the way businesses market their products and services.  Learn how to use real-time marketing to help grow your business in Episode 46 of the Defining Success Podcast.

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Steve Fluke, President of EZee Golf discusses how important it is to listen to your market.  EZee Golf is a new sport with golf clubs that don't require a swing to knock the ball down the fairway.  In order to become successful, Steve has had to listen to his target market to adjust their business strategy to grow their business.

Steve Fluke is the president of  EZeeGolf is an exciting new sport that is fun and easy to play. Their club's patented design helps those with physical limitations to now enjoy the game of golf on any sized course!

The ability to listen to your market is critical to the success of any business.  Steve Fluke, the President of EZee Golf shares how EZee Golf is helping give more people access to the game of golf and how he's growing the EZee Golf business in Episode 45 of the Defining Success Podcast!

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Bridget Brady can help you make money online and can help you improve your voice for presentations. She discusses how to build a buffer when you're becoming an entrepreneur and finding a realistic way to starting a new business.

Bridget Brady runs two successful companies, and She is a speaker, trainer, author, singer, actor, voice expert, and a presentation and sales authority. She has also worked as an actor, singer and project manager in New York and Los Angeles.

In Episode 44 of the Defining Success Podcast, Bridget Brady shares the importance of building a buffer when starting a new business.  Most people when starting a new business suffer through the beginning stages of their entrepreneurial career, but if you build a buffer you can be very successful in your online business. 

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Will Mitchell is a serial entrepreneur.  Learn from Will why new businesses must set goals in order to become successful. Learn how Will has implemented goal setting in his businesses to build more effective, successful companies. 
Will Mitchell is the owner and co-founder of StartupBros.  He has been an internet entrepreneur since he started skipping school to build businesses in the 6th grade. After numerous business engagements at 22.  Will launched StartupBros, a community for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from like-minded people.
Will Mitchell has started, failed and succeeded in numerous business ventures . . . and he's only 22.  Learn how Will has taken his expertise to become successful and how failure, goal-setting and perserverance can help lead to success in Episode 43 of the Defining Success Podcast.
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In Episode 42 of the Defining Success Podcast, Rick Mulready shares his thoughts and ideas on social media for small and medium-sized businesses.  During our conversation we discuss the pros and cons of engagement and automation.  We also discuss the power of social media and how building genuine, authentic relationships can help grow any business.

Rick Mulready is the host of the Inside Social Media Podcast.  His podcast is a place to learn secrets, insights and strategies from heads of social media for some of the most powerful brands in the world.

Learn from Rick Mulready, the host of the Inside Social Media Podcast as we discuss social media, how to use it for small businesses, and how engagement is much more likely to get you business than automation.  In the podcast we discuss how small businesses can learn from big businesses how to grow their online presence.  

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Lain Ehmann does a lot of work online in the scrapbooking industry where she does online events, webinars, and has been able to monetize that to make a very successful business for herself.  In Episode 41 of the Defining Success Podcast Lain discusses how she's been able to build a massive online following and been able to monetize her online efforts through event, webinars, and more.  When Lain first started she had no idea on the direction her business would take her, but she'd advice anyone interested in starting a new business to take action and adjust along the way.

Lain is a fast-talking, fast-scrapping human dynamo with three kids, tons of ideas, and more books than she could ever read in this lifetime. The author of several books on scrapbooking, including “Snippets: Mostly True Tales from the Lighter Side of Scrapbooking” and “20 Simple Secrets of Happy Scrapbookers” (co-authored with Stacy Julian), Lain loves sharing her philosophy of guilt-free, simple scrapbooking.

Running a business requires taking action.  Lain Ehmann remembers starting her first blog and adjusting her strategy along the way to help her make more money and run a successful online scrapbooking business.  Learn how Lain took the first steps towards building her business and see how you can take action, adjust along the way and build a successful business.

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Creative Minds & Visions is a clothing company designed for people who want to live the creative life.  Henry Valdez has been able to bring countless people who are creative and talented to support his brand and has built his business by getting creative people to work with him and for him.  Learn how to building a creative community around your business can help make your business grow.

Henry Valdez is the owner of Creative Minds & Visions, a clothing company located in Brea, CA. CMV Clothing is helping people live the creative life by sponsoring actors, athletes, musicians and people who make their living doing what they love.

Creative Minds & Visions Clothing is working to help people live the creative life.  By sponsoring artists, athletes, actors, and musicians, Creative Minds & Visions has made a commitment to sponsoring creativity.  If you are creative and you are someone who wants to live the creative life wear Creative Minds & Visions Clothing . . . CMV Clothing.  Learn from Henry Valdez on how he's been able to build a creative community of people who are willing to build and promote Creative Minds & Visions.

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Angela Maiers has a lot of experience teaching students and educators on how to build systems and environments that promote learning and education.  She has many educational goals, but one of her favorite is liberating genius.  Listen to Episode 39 of the Defining Success Podcast to learn how Angela Maiers is helping to liberate the genius of others.

Angela Maiers is a teacher, educator, author and consultant.  She has spent the past 22 years working diligently to help learners of all ages succeed by recognizing their powers as readers, writers and global communicators.  Whether she's addressing an auditorium full of educators or sitting on the floor helping first graders find their way through the pages of a good book, Angela's message is the same - literacy changes lives.

Every single person is a genius in one way or another and collectively we can make massive change to change the lives of each other for the better.  We can work to solve problems and make people live happier, more fulfilled lives.  Angela Maiers is working hard, liberating genius in people, in classrooms, in educators, in leaders, in her community and the world.  See how you can liberate your genius in Episode 39 of the Defining Success Podcast.

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You may have noticed the change to our theme music this week on the Defining Success Podcast. We have our guest for Episode 38 of the Defining Success Podcast to thank for that. Eighty Bug is big into music, dieting, puppetry and archery and is here to show you that having multiple passions is okay!

Eighty Bug is a singer, songwriter, DJ, arranger and producer. She has crossed genres from pop, hip-hop, soul, R&B, rock, country, electronica, downtempo, and dance music with her unique southern soulful voice and electronica influence. She's extremely active and knowledgeable about a wide range of subjects.

Having multiple passions is ok.  80bug has had multiple passions her entire life and has excelled at many of them helping to give her happiness and satisfaction.  Learn from Eighty how to take your multiple passions and turn them into success in Episode #38 of the Defining Success Podcast with Zeb Welborn.

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Alex Navas helps people and business owners determine what is important in their business and personal lives. It's not easy balancing your work and personal life. The most successful people are able to find a healthy balance between the two where they are able to accomplish a lot at work, but not to the detriment of their families. Learn more from Alex on business and what it takes to be successful in Episode 37 of the Defining Success Podcast.

Alex Navas is nationally recognized for his financial expertise and exceptional small business marketing methods. He has been active in finance, marketing, sales and personal development for 10 years. He is now an energetic and charismatic speaker, trainer and business coach.

It's important to have the right balance in your business and personal life.  In Episode 37 of the Defining Success Podcast, Alex Navas shares his insights into business and what it takes to become successful.

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Larry M. Jacobson, author of Growing Success, helps young adults build a financial foundation.  He is an author, educator, motivator and public speaker.  He's helping young adults figure out life and establish a financial future for themselves.  Developing financial awareness is a critical skill in today's society, and is a subject that is rarely discussed in school.  Larry and I both feel that we need to educate young people on how to manage their money and how to do it effectively to help young people prepare for their futures.

Larry M. Jacobson helps young and emerging adults follow their goals to make decisions that positively impact their overall financial and personal success. He's a professional speaker, a contributing author for the international best-selling Ready, Aim, Captivate and recently wrote his first book, Growing Success:  A Young Adult's Guide to Achieving Personal and Financial Success.

In Episode 36 of the Defining Success Podcast Larry M. Jacobson discusses the importance of helping young adults build a strong financial foundation.  Our current school system is neglecting to teach our young people how to appropriately manage their money and is leaving them ill-prepared for the real world.  Learn how Larry M. Jacobson is trying to make a difference with his new book, Growing Success.

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Johnny Hakim from shares his insights on how to make a customer feel like they are a part of your business and how he uses that to keep customers for longer and become active promoters of his business. Learn how to create raving fans by making your customers become a part of your business and learn how to manage your online reputation in Episode 35 of the Defining Success Podcast.

Johnny Hakim (JohnnyGK) is the owner of is a free online community and golf social network providing golf course review, aeration alerts, overseeding schedules, photos, specials, tee times, score tracking, outings, product reviews and more.

In Episode 35 of the Defining Success Podcast, Johnny Hakim talks about online marketing and how he has built a community around golf by reviewing golf courses all over the United States.  His group of golfers are known as GKers and he's working hard to promote golf and expose more people to the wonderful game of golf.  Learn how JohnnyGK has helped make his customers feel like they are a part of his business.

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Warren Whitlock discusses the stages of acceptance of a new technology.  Most people when they get their hands on new technology experience three different stages in adopting the new technology.  The first stage is labeling the new technology as useless.  The second stage is using the new technology as just a sales tool.  And the third stage is wondering how you ever lived without this new technology.  Learn more about social media, Warren Whitlock and how adopting new technologies can help your business grow.

Warren Whitlock is a digital business development strategist.  He wrote the first book on Twitter and mobile marketing and the best-selling "Profitable Social Media: Business Results Without Playing Games."  He's the host of Social Media Radio, a speaker on social media and was named one of Forbes' Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer's of 2013.  And he is the Producer of Billions Rising.

Many business owners don't understand social media and how it can be applied to their business and Warren shares how social media is just like any other form of technology.  Each business owner who is heavily invested in social media has experienced those stages.  The stages are why is it important, how can I profit off of it and lastly, how did I ever survive without it.  Learn some tips and tricks from Warren Whitlock on social media in Episode 34 of the Defining Success Podcast. 

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Chris Brogan has been in the online world for sometime now and what he's learned most is that in order to be successful online that you must be of service to others.  If you're willing to go the extra miles to help others, you will be successful in the online world.

Chris Brogan is CEO and President of Human Business Works, an education publishing and media company dedicated to helping professionals work better, do the work they want and to be brave.  He is the NY Times best-selling co-author of the Impact Equation and a sought-after professional keynote speaker.  He also plays in the band, D3one3 with Jacqueline Carly.

In the interview, Chris stresses the importance of being of service to others.  Whenever Chris thinks of ways to make money he fails, but when he thinks of ways to be of service to others, he always makes money.  Chris has made a living being someone people respect and admire online.  If you're interested in developing a strong online presence, Chris Brogan is the person to talk to.  I hope you enjoy Episode 33 of the Defining Success Podcast - Be of Service to Others with Chris Brogan from Human Business Works.

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Justin Desmond is the owner of Mayfly Mafia, a new clothing company designed for fly-fisherman and outdoorsy characters. Although he hasn't achieved success just yet, he's passionate and I know he will become successful. I hope you enjoy the interview of someone who is at the beginning stages of success and will learn what true passion sounds like.

Justin Desmond is the owner of an up and coming product line called Mayfly Mafia. Justin is passionate, eager and ready to make an impact on the fly-fishing world.

In Episode 32 of the Defining Success Podcast we interview Justin Desmond from Mayfly Mafia.  Justin just started his business after meeting Willie from Duck Dynasty during his honeymoon.  He enlisted his brother, Harry, and they are working together to build a clothing line specifically for fly-fishermen.  Although they are just starting, Justin is very passionate about Mayfly Mafia and I wanted to show you all what the beginning stages of a successful business look like.  Hope you all enjoy the show!

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In Episode 31 of the Defining Success Podcast Rey Ybarra shares the stories of numerous Shark Tank entrepreneurs and how Shark Tank has impacted their lives and their businesses.  Rey has been able to share the stories of these entrepreneurs through all of their failures and successes to show how the entrepreneurs who have appeared on Shark Tank have thrived following their appearance on the show.

Rey Ybarra is the author of Conversations with Shark Tank Winners featuring entrepreneurs from the hit ABC TV reality show Shark Tank.  As a multimedia book author he is producing audio and video interviews focusing on helping entrepreneurs, small business owners and for those who have dreams and a sincere desire to work their dreams.

Conversations with Shark Tank Winners is a multi-media book by Rey Ybarra.  In Episode 31 of the Defining Success Podcast, we talk with Rey about the Shark Tank Effect and how the entrepreneurs who have appeared on Shark Tank have thrived.  The stories Rey has encountered while interviewing entrepreneurs who have appeared on Shark Tank is truly remarkable.  Each of these entrepreneurs have shared their successes and failures with Rey to create a compelling new book.

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Greg Clowminzer shares some of the common problems entrepreneurs face and how he's able to help them overcome those problems.  One of the biggest suggestions Greg makes for entrepreneurs is to use the appropriate language for success.  Learn the language of success according to Greg in Episode 30 of the Defining Success Podcast.

Greg Clowminzer is a pioneering business and leadership coach with over 10,000 hours of real time coaching experience.  Greg coaches and consults CEO's, small business owners, and professionals helping them clarify their vision, create unique strategies for success and developing the necessary skills to be a leader and effectively exercise leadership as their natural self-expression.

During Episode 30 of the Defining Success Podcast, Greg Clowminzer and I explore the language of success.  Successful people all have postive, affirming language which makes them more likely to succeed.  If you want to be successful, use the language successful people use and you will join their ranks.  

Thank you all for listening to the Defining Success Podcast with Zeb Welborn.

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Christopher Mance II is trying to get entrepreneurs to build power connections and work together to market together and give them a chance to get their products and services to go viral. Nichevertising is attempting to use relationship marketing as a way to manufacture viral marketing by bringing businesses together to reach out to consumers.

Christopher Mance II is the owner of Nichevertising. Nichevertising is a product designed for entrepreneurs from all walks of life looking to get their mobile apps, books, music videos, websites, products and events to go viral.

Viral marketing is not easy and Christopher Mance II is working to make it easier for entrepreneurs to get their products and services to go viral by connecting like-minded businesses and marketing campaigns with each other through his Nichevertising website.  Learn how to make your products and services go viral by learning from Christopher Mance II in Episode 29 of the Defining Success Podcast.

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Pete's goal is to help inspire more and more people become entrepreneurs. He's spent most of his life as an entrepreneur and is helping others develop a purpose and a passion for entrepreneurship.

Pete Sveen is the host of the Think Entrepreneurship Podcast, a show that interviews successful entrepreneurs and shares their journeys and experiences with you.  His guests have included Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, NFL great, Fran Tarkenton and many other motivated and well-known entrepreneurs.

In Episode 28 of the Defining Success Podcast, Pete shares his expertise on entrepreneurship and how having a clearly defined purpose can help to make you successful.  Learn how you can use your skills to help develop a purpose that is geared towards helping others.  Learn the importance of the power of purpose. 

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CJ Alvarado recently developed a new app called Snippet.  The Snippet App will change the way we read books and consume information.  It's essentially Twitter for books as each chapter is only allowed to have 1,000 words meaning that you'll be able to get to the "meat" of the content right from the get go.

CJ Alvarado is the CEO of Bamboo Creative and creator of the Snippet App.  Snippet believes reading a book should be quick, rich and engaging.  Writers and readers should be able to connect, share and discover in entirely new ways.

Learn how the Snippet App plans to change the future of how we consume information.  Instead of reading books that offer no multimedia experience or interaction, the Snippet App aims to offer multimedia and social media interaction in every Snippet.  The Snippet App is like Twitter for books and tries to keep the chapter short - under 1,000 words so you get the information you want when you want it.

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Kate Hughes was unbelievably shy when she was younger, but grew up into an amazingly charismatic woman who was able to succeed on the LPGA Tour and help youth golfers develop a strong mental game. Learn more about Kate and how you can break out of your shell in Episode 26 of the Defining Success Podcast.

Kate Hughes is a former LPGA Tour Player with 2 top 10 finishes and 1 victory in Japan. She's now mentoring, counseling, and guiding young men and women golfers to become great High School players, top student/athletes at all collegiate levels and by those who want to become Tour Professionals.

Learn how Kate Hughes helps golfers develop their mental game so they can be better prepared for golf and life in Episode 26 of the Defining Success Podcast with Zeb Welborn.  Kate used to be shy until she found herself in the game of golf and now she is a confident, happy woman who is helping golfers everywhere develop a stronger mental game.

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Beau Hodson has been in the mortgage industry and has seen many ups and downs and has been able to whether the storm.  He started Transparent Mortgage and has implemented strategies designed to increase his reputation online.  He's been able to get customers to give him positive reviews on Yelp, TrustLink, Google Places, Facebook and various other review sites to show that he was a well-respected mortgage professional who can help you achieve your dream of financing a home or helping you during the re-financing process.

Beau Hodson has been the mortgage profession for more than 10 years and is the founder and Senior Mortgage Adviser at Transparent Mortgage.  He has earned degrees in finanec and business and has a diverse background as a financial adviser and mortgage professional.  He has worked for Luxury Mortgage, Bank of America and Impac Funding.

Beau Hodson knows how to build an online reputation as he's done a very effective job building his presence online by getting positive online recommendations about his business.  Learn how encouraging people to recommend you online can help you grow your business.

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Mike Lednovich has worked with some of the largest organizations and businesses in the United States and has helped them create better policies and procedures to become more effective and efficient.  Learn how to create stronger relationships with the people involved in your organization in Episode 24 of the Defining Success Podcast.

Mike Lednovich is the owner of True North Executive Development and has instructed more than 2,000 managers/directors and conducted hundreds of seminars during a 25 year executive career.  Mike heads True North Executive Development serving such diverse clients as the Make a Wish Foundation, Disney, Ruiz Foods, Edwards Life Sciences, the Philadelphia School District and Chapman University.

Learn how to increase productivity, develop a better relationship with your employees and learn how to set goals in Episode 24 of the Defining Success Podcast.  Mike Lednovich shares his years of experience in the executive world to point out the key mistakes many corporations make and how he helps them to fix their problems.  Mike helps his customers achieve success in business.

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Alejandro Reyes grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.  His life was filled with struggle, but he did have one thing going for him . . . a supportive grandmother who would pray for him every day to succeed.  Alejandro is now the host of the Get Internet Famous Podcast, author of the book, Get Internet Famous and has experienced success in a variety of different capacities.  Learn from Alejandro in Episode 23 of the Defining Success Podcast.

Alejandro Reyes wants to help you get famous.  Not the TMZ or Kardashian kind of famous, but the kind of famous that will offer you influence and impact to grow your income.  He is also the host of the Get Internet Famous Podcast and author of Get Internet Famous:  The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Platform, Growing Your Influence and Changing the World.

Alejandro Reyes has so much to share about Internet marketing, life and how to become successful.  He's very passionate and is working to help others achieve their dreams.  Alejandro and I share the same vision to help people tap into their inner passions to give them an opportunity to help others by doing what they love.

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Bob Burg shares the lesson of his book, The Go-Giver in Episode 22 of the Defining Success Podcast.  Learn the five laws, that when applied can guarantee a person's success. Bob is extremely knowledgeable and shares his expertise on business and some advice and tips which you can apply to your business today.

Bob Burg is a sought after speaker at corporate conventions and for entrepreneurial events.  He has addressed audiences ranging in size from 50 to 16,000 - sharing the platform with notables including today's top thought leaders, broadcast personalities, Olympic athletes and political leaders including a former U.S. President.

Learn the five laws of being a Go-Giver and Bob Burg says you are guaranteed success.  Learn how to be better at sales, to run an exceptional business and be happier in life and in business.

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